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  • Astra Video Cloud Launched as A Bundled Services by Carrier in Japan

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  • We launched the first IP Camera for Astra Video Cloud!

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  • Astra 榮獲106年北市產業局新創獎勵補助

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We help Service Providers delivery & operate Cloud Business Solutions to their SOHO/SMB customers

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2016, July

Gary Kao


CJ Chang

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Astra MSP Platform

Astra MSP Platform provides unprecedented capability, simplicity and flexibility for Service Providers to deploy and manage cloud business solutions to their customers at scale.

Centralized Cloud Management

The Astra dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Suitable for all Businesses

Grow from 1 organization and device to thousands and manage them with ease.

Granular Access Controls

Easily define organization and customer access and privilege all from the dashboard.

Secure & Reliable

End-to-end encryption and 99.99% SLA.

Business Applications

Astra Video Cloud

Powerful Video Business Applications for the Future

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IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud

Smart & Learning Cloud Applications

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Today Astra announced the formal launch of ACF-1120W, a wireless 180-degree Fisheye IP Camera designed for SOHO and SMB. ACF-1120W is the very first IP Camera that works with Astra Video Cloud, a powerful cloud video solution that helps businesses monitor and measure its in-store events and performances.

The ACF-1120W Wireless Fisheye Camera is exceptionally simple to deploy and configure. Its integration into the Astra Video Cloud and ease of use eliminates the cost and complexity required by traditional camera solutions.

ACF-1120W provide zero-touch deployment that works with your current wireless network environment. Cameras can be up and running within minutes of connecting to the network. In the Astra Cloud dashboard, users can easily watch live video and receive real-time notification of events happening in your business across multiple locations.

ACF-1120W simplifies and streamlines the unnecessarily complex world of setting up cameras. By eliminating servers and video recorders, ACF-1120W frees business owners to spend less time on deployment and maintenance and more time on meeting business needs.

Event-based Cloud recording eliminates the concern of excessive upload bandwidth and provides robust business monitoring. Historical video events can be quickly searched and viewed, making it easier than ever to find events that interest you. Because AFC-1120W is connected to Astra Video Cloud, security updates and new software are pushed to customers automatically. This system provides business owners with the peace of mind that the infrastructure is not only secure, but that it will continue to meet future needs.

The ACF-1120W is available today, please see here for its hardware spec.

Astra Video Cloud Launched as A Bundled Services by Carrier in Japan October 16 st , 2017

The partnership between Astra and a Major Carrier in Japan is officially launching today.
Astra Video Cloud is a cloud business analytics application targeted at SOHO/SMEs.
It includes live video streaming, motion detection, cloud video recording, and face recognition with artificial intelligence that empowers SME owners to understand everything going on in their stores as well as gain a deeper understanding of their customers.
Astra Video Cloud is built on top of Astra's Managed Services Platform (MSP) portal, which allows Service Providers (telcos/carriers/SI) to easily deliver, deploy and scale services to their SOHO/SME customers.

For more information on the partnership, please visit : https://flets.com/gigarakuwifi_camera/