AstraEdge : Edge AI Computing

Astra’s uniquely flexible service design allows us to serve customers of different requirement at ease. We offer pure-cloud analytics as well as a hybrid architecture where customers are free to choose their own edge computing devices.

Pure Cloud Computing

  • Used for light-weight applications and little management effort.
  • Easy to deploy & Manage, we help you setup and operate everything in the cloud so you can focus on growing your business.

Edge AI Computing

  • Used for real-time & mission-critical applications.
  • Bring Your Own Edge (BYOE). We support common streaming protocol, capable of working with off-the-shelf IP Cameras or Webcams in the market. Also, our engine can be installed on almost any hardware platform, from Raspberry Pi to a high-end PC, giving our customers upmost flexibility in choosing their own hardware and deploying our services with ease.