Face Recognition & Analytics for the Future of Retail

Glean Customer Insights And Improve The Bottom Line

Leverage computer vision and machine learning technology in the smart cameras for person counting and detection.
IT and OT managers can gain complete visibility into the customer demographics, from headquarters to remote stores to warehouses, through a centralized dashboard.
Utilize heat-mapping and location analytics to understand the customer journey within a store, or leverage iBeacon proximity marketing with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon.

Location Analytics

Built-in location analytics lets you easily gauge customer foot traffic, dwell time, and repeat visits across store properties or within specific areas inside buildings.
Quickly answer questions like :
How many customers visit your stores on a daily basis ? Are a particular store more popular at certain time ?
How long did customers spend at the store past week ?
How many guests return to the same property on a weekly basis and should be targeted for VIP offers or promotions ?

Easily Manage And Scale As You Grow Franchises

AstraFace provides all the tools for you to compare same-store, cross-store, and conversion performances.
Start with one store and scale to as many as you want without the management headache.